22 November 2008

Ornament Exchange Day!

It's finally time! Today is the mail-by day for:

blogger ornament exchange

My exchange buddy makes beautiful ornaments out of natural materials. Once I'm sure she has received her package, I will link to her. I don't think she's reading me now, but I want to share her work with you all. It's lovely!

As much as Cairo Typ0's suggestion tickled me, we're eating elsewhere this year, so I will only be making something sweet to take along. And really, it's best that Hubby stay far away from all things baking. He can cook, but inherited his mother's lack of Betty Crocker skills. She often joked that I was sent to her because of mine!

I wanted to use a 16 gauge copper wire for strength and durability. And though I had intended to use the cookie cutters as "molds," I was afraid the 16 gauge would bruise the cutters like it bruised my hands. (Plan not abandoned, I will try it with a smaller gauge wire soon.)

New plan!

This was posted yesterday afternoon, and should arrive very early next week.

(Minus the black cord. I need to figure out a better way to photograph things that hang!)

The links and jump ring at the top are handmade as well. The hammer marks were intentional to give it more of a raw copper look.

I hope she likes it!


  1. That's beautiful. I love the curls, and the thickness of the copper. Is that copper wire?

    For hanging photos - have you tried fishing twine or the "invisible" thread you can use for beading?

  2. I was so certain i was right! LOL That ornament is beautiful!! I thought it was jewelery at first.

  3. I would like it, it's so unusual! Can you believe how cold it is today?

  4. I left you a comment but I think Blogger ate it. Anyway, in case it did, I really like the copper ornament. Need to try making some myself. Looks like fun and I love copper.

  5. I am excited for the exchange, too!
    I like what you made! (We can laugh if I'm the one who gets it.. ;)
    I hope you've had a great weekend.

    Sylvia C.


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