09 November 2008

Hello, Old Friend

Long time, no see. It's not my laptop, but it is everything off of it that did not originate at a software company. Super Hubby is going to crack the laptop open and attempt a brain transplant this week. Crossing my fingers...

The elite rescue team was paid in Strawberry Lemonade cupcakes which, in my delirium, I did not photograph. The were a box mix flavored with lemon, frosted with strawberries and cream frosting, and garnished with lemon zest.

It may have been the first time I have used that zester in a year.

Up this week are the cool things to do TO your blog I have extracted from my notes and files, followed by what to do with your spiffy new self. That first one may make things go a little wonky around here, so please do not adjust your set...

Plus some ACTUAL CRAFTINESS. Like the scarf I finally finished for myself and my ornament for the exchange.


  1. Yay! I'm sure you're very glad and relieved to have all of your jazz back. It may not be the laptop, but it's a great thing nonetheless.
    Looking forward to the craftiness!

  2. Wow, those cuppycakes sound deLISH! Might have to make me some of those...

  3. Any USB port in a storm, i always say. :p

    I agree, those cupcakes sound yummy!!

  4. Cupcakes and computers. Life is good. And I am thinking that cupcakes like that will be great on a cold day. When I want to dream of summertime.

    And I thought of you when I wrote my blog post yesterday - are you going to Chicago for Blogher next summer???


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