26 November 2008

Fab Giveaway Alert!

Monkey did pretty well at his coming out yesterday. Only one MINE! then he shared pretty well after that. He did spend most of the 1/2 hour running around the room and trying to lead the others in a jail break when he figured out how to open the door, but that's to be expected for a 19 month old.

He was thrilled when we sang, "Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes." He knows it well enough to do the movements and occasionally shout, "Toe!" and "Eye!"

One mom did comment on how I must get so much exercise from chasing him around.

Yes, thanks, I'm caffeinated, you? Seriously, it's a wonder I'm not a size 2... why is that again???

I'm in my "workshop" all day today, prepping the shop update. In the meantime, want to knock out a major chunk of holiday shopping in one giveaway?

Have you been to Cinnamon*Sticks yet today?

Well, why not?

I'm off to brave the grocery store for apple pie supplies. Yes, I should have done it yesterday. I'm counting on my 10AM arrival to beat the crowds. If all else fails, Monkey can distract the crowds of Grandmothers he inevitably attracts while I sneak behind them and grab the last container of ground cloves.

Cover me, I'm going in!


  1. I won't be doing any shopping as we are going to my sister-in-laws. Strange feeling :-)

    Have a great thanksgiving!

  2. Good luck beating the crowds :D

  3. Good luck with the shopping! Just remember if you grab for a can at the same time as someone else - use your nails! :p

  4. Good luck shopping!! Have a Happy Thanksgiving:-)

  5. Thanks for the heads up on Cinnamon Sticks! What a fab giveaway. Good luck w/ Thanksgiving!


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