25 November 2008

Monkey's Debut

Taking Monkey out in public is a little like being a museum guard. And an ostrich wrangler. And a campaign manager.

He wants to touch everything, go everywhere, and talk to EVERYONE.

He makes people smile and I hear one word over and over again.


Today is a milestone day for Monkey. Today is our first story time at the library. It's a registered class, so it will only be kids in his age group. Monkey loves books and kids, so it should be good.

Oh, please let it be good.

Monkey learned a new word this week. He's learned several new words recently.



Something that sounds like broccoli.

Oh, but this new word...

On the eve of his debut in pre-pre-school society, this word strikes fear in the heart of this mother. These will be the kids he goes to school with. These will be the parents we go to PTA meetings with.

For the love of cupcakes, please do not let their first impression be,

"Oy. Who's kid IS this?"




  1. Love the new background! :) I accidentally taught my nephew to say b!tch. I was talking about at teh knitting book "Stitch adn B!tch" and didn't realize he was there. My brother still hasn't forgiven me! LOL

  2. Your site looks great!

    I was sure that my youngest was going to cuss out the teacher and repel the other children but she has really blossomed in school. Social kids like ours need school.

  3. Can't wait to hear how it went (I'm sure you will both love it!) and I love your new bloggy look! Decorating for the holidays...very classy! =)

  4. How do they learn this word? I'm convinced one of the Sunday School workers is sitting around with the toddlers rehearsing with them, "mine", "mine", "mine"...

    I hope he did well!

  5. Too funny! Where do they get that one?

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