29 September 2008

Hey! I Can See October From Here!

O. My. Gah.

(To get the full effect, you have to channel Jack from Will and Grace...)

Crafting. Tweaking. EVERYWHERE!

I am less than 36 hours away from my first Etsy listing.

The perfectionist in me is not ready.

What if it could be better? What if this is not a comprehensive enough picture of my personal style? What if it is not enough? What if I didn't finish something that could make me? What if I put something in there that will break me?

What if I suck?

Yeah, I'm sick of what's rolling around in my head too.

It's time. Hold my nose, take a deep breath, and just jump already!

This is not a one shot deal.

It is just the beginning.

26 September 2008


Remember when I said last week that there was something coming that rhymed with shmiveaway?

Well, it involves more than yours truly, so I'm still waiting on word that particular event, but I have another to make.

About what, you ask?

A giveaway of course!

Next Wednesday will be the first day I start listing things in my Etsy shop. In honor of that momentous occasion, I will be giving a little something shiny away. Though this particular blog is fairly new, I've done one other giveaway long, long ago, in a bloggy world far far away. This one has new rules, so heads up.

On Wednesday I will post a "the doors are now open" announcement here.

Once it's up, go on over to the shop, which will be empty until then, and take a look around.

Pick out something that strikes your fancy and come back here to tell me what it is.

After comments close at midnight I will randomly select one commenter to receive their favorite item.

Anyone you send over should let me know you sent them, so you can win bonus entries!

I'll post Da Rulz again next week, but now I have to get back to work!

25 September 2008

BlogHer Boston, Here I Come

Word is spreading like wildfire that the BlogHer Reach Out Tour has been pruned down to 2 cities. While I'm disappointed for everyone else, I am very relieved that the two still on are BOSTON and DC.

Why, you ask?

Well, because:
Going to BlogHer Boston
Excited, about the opportunity? Yes.

Just a little nosy about what all of the other New England bloggers are really like? Yup.

So psyched that LeapFrog is one of the sponsors because maybe they'll be giving away something really cool that I called my hubby at work just to tell him? Check.

Slightly terrified, frantically looking for a cool outfit, and wondering if a pedicure is out of order seeing as how it's in October in MA and closed-toed shoes are usually necessary to ward off frostbite? You betcha.

It's kind of like the first day of school. You know, except for the whole cocktail reception thing.

Anyone else out there going to one of the Tour events?

24 September 2008

Work In Progress Wednesday

The blanket for my friend, the mama-to-be, is well under way. I decided to edit the colors down to the two more primary highlight colors in the baby's bedding, primary colors and high contrast being great for eye development being a bonus!

It's a good thing it's working up faster than I thought it would, because I am also in charge of the cake for the shower.

The shower which is 3 days after my October 1 deadline for the first listings to hit the Etsy shop.

That hook may be melted the next time you see it!

17 September 2008

Work In Progress Wednesday

There are actually several works in progress hanging around my office, but this one is both a "rush order" and a "handle with care."

A very special delivery is due in December and the Auntie-to-be is throwing the Mommy-to-be a shower in 3 short weeks.

I intend to use a similar pattern to the one used for the blanket in the background, which I made for my own son, but with colors lifted from the layette the expecting parents have chosen.

Unfortunately, in the midst of all of the WIPs, a very sad event in our family, and the tornado that is my 18 month old, this happened: And it's not even the fault of the aforementioned tornado!

I did it!

My husband was quick to point out that it wasn't dropped. The technical term for it is Sudden Deceleration Syndrome. Thanks, hon.

So while my laptop is in the "Your Owner is a Klutz" ward of Computer Hospital, I will be forced to post from one of the many Franken-laptops that inhabit my husband's office.

It's a good thing I have the WIPs to keep me company.

15 September 2008

And After!

Alternate title:

What I Did On My Summer Vacation.

One of my favorite organizational tips ever comes from The Organizing Junkie. Hit up the back to school sales for locker baskets and pencil boxes!

Those little plastic boxes?

Baby food containers.

That pile of blue at the top is destined for a wonderful friend expecting her first baby soon.
Very soon. Like hurry up and crochet or the kid will be walking before it's done soon.

More on that later.

More recycling and re-purposing. I'm slightly addicted to The Org Junkie...
Does it show?
Oh2122 central.
One of my favorite projects. This was an ugly, slightly beaten up cork board that followed me home from college. Fabric, ribbon, upholstery tacks, and one staple gun later and voila!

Bonus: it matches the room now.

Sorted and ready to go.
Those pretty little things will be back later this week.

You should be back too.

Not a big enough hint? Ok.

It rhymes with Shmiveaway.

Got it now?

See you soon!

09 September 2008


Lots of cleaning and prep work being done around here this week!
I'm taking stock and sorting the craftiness.
Some of this looks pretty neat...
But the after is so much better!

02 September 2008

Welcome To Oh2122

With my self-imposed deadline of October 1 fast approaching, it's time to get the (yarn) ball rolling here!

(Yarn ball... too much? Yeah, too much. Moving on...)

Format is still a work in progress, but here's a little sampling of what I've been up to lately.

These have already been given away to some nice people (guinea pigs) who kindly volunteered (were conscripted) for feedback.

For now, you'll just have to enjoy the eye candy.