15 September 2008

And After!

Alternate title:

What I Did On My Summer Vacation.

One of my favorite organizational tips ever comes from The Organizing Junkie. Hit up the back to school sales for locker baskets and pencil boxes!

Those little plastic boxes?

Baby food containers.

That pile of blue at the top is destined for a wonderful friend expecting her first baby soon.
Very soon. Like hurry up and crochet or the kid will be walking before it's done soon.

More on that later.

More recycling and re-purposing. I'm slightly addicted to The Org Junkie...
Does it show?
Oh2122 central.
One of my favorite projects. This was an ugly, slightly beaten up cork board that followed me home from college. Fabric, ribbon, upholstery tacks, and one staple gun later and voila!

Bonus: it matches the room now.

Sorted and ready to go.
Those pretty little things will be back later this week.

You should be back too.

Not a big enough hint? Ok.

It rhymes with Shmiveaway.

Got it now?

See you soon!

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