17 September 2008

Work In Progress Wednesday

There are actually several works in progress hanging around my office, but this one is both a "rush order" and a "handle with care."

A very special delivery is due in December and the Auntie-to-be is throwing the Mommy-to-be a shower in 3 short weeks.

I intend to use a similar pattern to the one used for the blanket in the background, which I made for my own son, but with colors lifted from the layette the expecting parents have chosen.

Unfortunately, in the midst of all of the WIPs, a very sad event in our family, and the tornado that is my 18 month old, this happened: And it's not even the fault of the aforementioned tornado!

I did it!

My husband was quick to point out that it wasn't dropped. The technical term for it is Sudden Deceleration Syndrome. Thanks, hon.

So while my laptop is in the "Your Owner is a Klutz" ward of Computer Hospital, I will be forced to post from one of the many Franken-laptops that inhabit my husband's office.

It's a good thing I have the WIPs to keep me company.


  1. Thanks for stopping by Idaho today. And isn't that house plan site SO fun?! Hours, I tell ya, hours! Sorry to hear that the "tornado" hit your computer. Hope it gets well soon.

  2. Ouch!! I hope that your computer gets well soon:-)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog today. And, I get a Type-A thrill!!


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