30 January 2009

Frosted Friday: Sugar Loaded Toddler Edition

So I finally decided what to do with this:I made these:
I altered the topping, omitting the cream cheese icing all together.

Instead I melted about two tablespoons of butter and mixed it with 1 teaspoon of vanilla, 2 cups of powdered sugar,and just enough water to make it spreadable.

They were just as yummy as you think they would be.As evidenced by the speed at which they were consumed.
Even Monkey approved.

The photo is a little blurry because he didn't want to sit still, but in his defense I had just loaded him up with a huge cinnamon roll.

And then I settled him in with Hubby and high-tailed it out of there for the afternoon.

In my defense, the sugar crash synchronized perfectly with nap time.

29 January 2009

The Light At The End Of The Shovel


So it did this yesterday.

That used to be my backyard, and no, those are not bushes on the left.

Somewhere under there are branches, small-ish though they may be, that fell waaaaaay back during that ice storm.

Because it has pretty much done that once a week since HALLOWEEN.

But there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

This week, these appeared at the grocery store.
In New England, these are a clear sign that Spring is coming.

Ok, mud season is first, then Spring.

The next sign will be the daffodils appearing towards the end of February slash beginning of March.

I'm so giddy, I may start digging for my flip-flops.

Until then, I will busy myself with your fab comments.

It's time for some more

Comment Love


The new comment system is taking some getting used to, and it retro-fitted all my posts, so today's comments come mostly from one post, but it's a doozy.

On: Sometimes The Google Lies

Nikki: Oh no. I'm sorry, but I totally laughed out loud! Hey, I've been there MANY times. It's so frustrating. I enjoyed your journey anyway!

Susie: That does look like a nightmare craft!

Jori-o: Oh dear...naughty Google!

Lauren: HA! I love it :)I've totally had those experiences. New crafts are nothing if not an adventure :)

Cristina: I also thought I was making a big crafty thing, by making a apron to Nicole, after all, mommy made this, right? Now the time that took me to find fabric, the petrol, the time of cutting, measure, sewing...well at the end I think I spent more money then if I actually ordered from school.

T. Allen-Mercado: Oh no! I would've been NUTS-you waited 3 days?! Sue the Google!

I'm glad everyone got a kick out of this. I posted it for that very reason. When I told Hubby I had started the project, he asked how it was going.

My answer:

Well, let's put it this way: it will make a really good post.


And lastly, best comment of the month:

On: A Snowy Birthday

Jori-o: Um, will you adopt me? My birthday is in November... =)

Jori-o-darling-o, if you'll come shovel my driveway, I will adopt you, your whole family, and Buck to boot!

28 January 2009

Etsy's CPSIA Blog-In

I have posted about CPSIA here before, but time is running out.

If you have kids, you need to know.

If you craft for kids, you need to know.

If you buy for kids, you need to know.

Etsy is having a day long Blog-In today.

Click, read, act.

Save Handmade! BuyHandmade.org

Sometimes The Google Lies

Last week, while watching Monkey cover himself in washable doodles just before bath time, it occurred to me that he might be ready for soap crayons.

Sure, I could buy them from the nice people at Crayola, but why buy when I can make?

So I did what any self-respecting crafty blogger does.

I Googled.

Google said this was all I needed to provide my darling child with hours of bath time fun.

I set about grating the soap in to flakes.

It stuck.

A lot.

Plus I was left with tiny chunks which could not be grated without losing a significant portion of my fingertips, so I minced them and tossed them in.

(Soap chunks, not fingertips.)

Added a little hot water at a time, constantly stirring.

Don't let the picture fool you. It is not liquid. It is foam.

No amount of stirring would make it liquid. I even tried to microwave it for a few seconds.

That only seemed to make it angry.

Undaunted, I divided the mush into four bowls and added the food coloring.

Then pasted it in to the popsicle molds.

And wondered what all that dye was going to do to my fair skinned child.

I briefly froze the molds to help them firm up, then turned them out to dry.

For three days.

At the end of which, they resembled decaying fruit more than soap crayons.

But it's what's inside that counts, right?

Unless what's inside is air bubbles and mush.

Lessons learned:

1. Sometimes it is better to buy it.

2. Sometimes The Google LIES.

27 January 2009

Bloggy To Do List Update

Three column format?


Comment Luv enabled?

Double check.

Edited own template without swearing and throwing things and begging Hubby to pull Oh2122's shattered remains from the smoldering rubble?

Triple check.

I'd say this calls for a celebration. I'd have more of those Faux-reoes, but, well... they're gone.

Oh, well. Shoe shopping it is then.


(If anyone has any issues with the new format looking wonky or comments going awry, please let me know. I'm still tinkering with it all so if there's a problem, I want to fix it ASAP!)

26 January 2009

"Oooh, Shiny!" Monday

It seems like every Monday post lately has included either gifts or custom orders.

Yellow and black stone with silver plate:Freshwater pearl, crystal, and silver plate: I've had a few requests for these, so I'm working on adding them to the shop as a custom listing of their own.

In other crafty news, I have thrown myself in to the deep end of the pool via a very large giveaway.

I don't have the details yet, but suffice it to say there will be flinging.

In the springtime.

So I have to get back to work.

Happy Monday all!

23 January 2009

Frosted Friday - The Commercially Produced Edition

So I am working on a Comment Love post, as well as a bunch of shiny new crafty bits, but what good is a Friday without frosting?

Mmmmm, Oreos...

Ok, looks promising.

Wait for it...


Ok, confession time.

After eating the first pack, I thought - "Hey! I should totally blog this!"

So I opened another package.

And I did not share them.

200 Calorie Snack Pack.


(Edited to add: Giggle your way into the weekend. Go check out Very Funny Friday.)

22 January 2009

4 Photo Folder Tag

If you read me through a reader, you got a sneak peek at this post last night. PRE spellcheck.

Don't tell anyone I can't spell overlord, ok?


I've been tagged for a photo meme by Elizabeth from Thoughts From An Evil Overlord!

Here's how you play:

1. Go to the the 4th folder where you keep your pictures on your computer.

2. Post the 4th picture in the folder.

3. Explain the photo.

4. Tag 4 fellow bloggers to join in the fun!

This was taken on our trip to the pumpkin patch this past fall. Ironically, one of few shots in that folder that do not have Monkey's face front and center. It's a little shaky thanks to the "tractor ride" we were on. Think choir risers pulled by a tractor.

Yay for safety!

It occurred to me after seeing this that I have pictures of trees from vacations, our honeymoon, and all the hottest tourist spots in MA.

Apparently I like trees.

I blame the Druids.

So I've decided to tag a Gypsy, an Inventor, a Wanderer, and a new Visitor.

Jump on in if you'd like!

21 January 2009

WIP Wednesday: Oh2122 Central Command

The oh-so-fab Thrifty Decor Chick has an ongoing organizational project that she's invited us all to join.

Storage, organization, and blogging?

If I can just sneak some new shoes in there, I'm SET!

Up today is Oh2122 Central Command.

Ok, so it's really our home office, but it's aaaaaaaalllll miiiiiiiine. Except when it's not...

This is the newest acquisition in my never ending quest to tame all things clutter in my life.
I put it together all by myself.

And it hasn't fallen down yet.

The clear and blue containers are pencil cases bought during the back to school sales, and the yellow totes are from the dollar section of Target.
(Street sign bought not stolen. I swear.)

The blue totes are Closet Maid and the in/out boxes are Rubbermaid made with post consumer recycled content!

The basket on the left holds the random bits of flotsam that I have gathered intending to make it into... something.
The one on the right holds packaging for reuse and catalogues to shred for packing materials.

These are the new shipping labels and note cards for Oh2122.
I'm still working on my shipping process, but it's a start!

Pop on over and check out what everyone else is up to!

20 January 2009

It's Inauguration Day In America

An amazing thing is happening today.

In one of our most noble traditions, the reigns of power will pass peaceably from one person to another. By itself, this is astounding, and well beyond the political life of so many other countries, but this year is... different.

Every inauguration day, our country starts anew. Fresh ideas and hopeful people. A chance to make and remake ourselves into the country we want to be.

Whether you voted for the incoming administration or not, the hum of excitement is undeniable.

Pure energy, distilled into one singular moment in time.

Pure potential.

Since I'm likely glued to MSNBC today, I'm posting a rerun from November.

Happy Inauguration Day, America!


It's Election Day In America

Do you know where your polling place is?

When I was little, my parents would take us to vote with them.

In our district, we had the old school booths where you entered and pulled a lever to close the curtain. The booth itself was a massive wall of metal switches that could be flipped up and down, and when you were ready, you cast your ballot by cranking the lever back to open the curtain and "punch" your card. When we were big enough, we were allowed to pull the lever for them. I still hear that metallic click-click-click-clank every time I think about voting.

So today, I will take my son to vote with me.

At only 18 months old he may not remember, but I will.

I will remember that this was the year when people stood in line to vote for hours on end - the way they would normally only stand in line for iPhones and Sox tickets.

I will remember that this was the year people ran for president who, in the past, would not even been allowed to vote, much less actually have more than a snowball's chance of succeeding.

And hopefully, I will remember that this was the year that more people came out to vote than ever have in modern American history.

Left, right, or center - vote.

Get in line.

Stay in line.


19 January 2009

A Snowy Birthday

We actually have two January birthdays in my family in the same week, but my Dad's not really into bling.This bracelet was for Middle Sister's birthday.
It's made from silver plate medium curb chain with crystals, freshwater pearls, silver swirls, and natural garnet stones.
It's sparkly and swingy and just plain fun to wear.

I may have to make another!

Up this week: a meme, a flash back, some comment love, and my continuing addiction to storage. In the meantime, check out what the Thrifty Decor Chick is up to:

Not content to simply show us all the incredible things she's doing around her house, she's set up a Mr. Linky so we can all continue to share with each other.

She's an enabler. I'm sure of it.

17 January 2009

CPSIA Anyone?

Are you a crafter?

Do you make things for people under the age of 18?

Do you know that the CPSIA is?

Save Handmade! BuyHandmade.org

16 January 2009

Frosted Friday Now With More Red Fingers!

Last weekend was our Christmas 2 with Hubby's family. Ab-fab local Sis-In-Law made an amazing dinner with all the trimmings, so I offered to make dessert.

When you're a Northerner with in-laws coming in from South Carolina and Georgia, what else do you make for dessert but Red Velvet Cake?

My southern Sis-In-Law was actually present for the baking, and had the red stained fingers to prove it!

I used the cake and cream cheese frosting recipes I found at Pinch My Salt.

Thank you Google Blog Search!

(Hers looks waaaaaay better than mine, though!)

This is the paste you're supposed to make with the cocoa powder and food coloring. An ounce of food coloring.I actually used a gel, and I don't think I'll do that again. It looks more like joint compound than paste.

I didn't get an action shot of the baking soda and vinegar, as I was afraid I would delay the folding too much. So this is the only action shot.

Can you feel the heat? No?

Cooling and looking pretty good.
Frosted and ready to go.
I think it looks slightly pink.
And what was even coloring when poured in to the pans ended up slightly uneven.
I blame the gel. In retrospect, I should have used a liquid food coloring.

It was met with resounding approval from all Southerners present.

Not bad for a Yankee.

I just have one question...
What am I supposed to do with all of this?

15 January 2009

- Untitled

I had originally planned a post about organization today, but despite the best laid plans of mice and men, I am driven elsewhere.

An extraordinary thing happened this week in and around the original 02122. A man showed up for work, went about doing his job, and died in the process. Upon hearing this, most people would be shocked and immediately ask what happened.

If I revised the story and told you that a fire fighter showed up for work, responded to a call, and died in the process, it would undoubtedly be met with sorrow, though less surprise. As perfectly logical as that would be, today it leaves me feeling very uneasy.

I have made many jokes through the years, here on this blog even, about smoke detector Christmas ornaments and extinguishers as housewarming gifts. These things have become second nature to me over the past 20+ years. Familiar. Comfortable. As have the wail of sirens and the rumble of bagpipes, much to my dismay.

The scenes that took place over the past few days are not new to me. The pomp and circumstance is at once great and terrible. It is also universal.

Thousands of people have come from all over the US and Canada to stand in the bitter cold in navy blue uniforms and pristine white gloves. They swaddle themselves in traditions and wool to ward off the chill and the unspoken understanding that someday the people around them may be standing somewhere for them.

I have first hand experience of what it is like to be in that crowd.

The deep stillness permeates the crowd as you wait for the engine to arrive with the flag covered casket. You recognize some faces in the crowd, or at least you think you do. They tend to melt and blur in to one another. Your heart stops when you spot a family member standing at attention in the honor guard and you think it will never start back up.

The silence is enough to make your ears ring with the pounding of your own nervous system, when suddenly the bells call out, and pry loose the tears held at bay with rituals and rites.

Last alarm.

All clear.

Come home.

Did I know the man who was laid to rest this week? Yes. Though less than my siblings and parents, I had met him on several occasions and remember him well. Not that it would have mattered. I did not have to have known him to be connected to him. Every day he got up, put his boots on, and answered the bells.

When a line of duty death happens, there are an infinite numbers of reporters and politicians waiting in line to wax poetic about brotherhood and service. Awestruck at the show of support that is, to us, expected. Understood.

Today there are tears and anger, and there will be for some time to come. There is also laughter. And stories. And tall tales with very little basis in fact.

Tomorrow, there will be boots, bells, and a job to do. There is always another call coming in, and it has to be answered.


I've closed the comments because it is not about me today. It's about the countless people who get up and go to work and do the things we can not. Fire fighters, cops, teachers, EMTs. They lay claim only to doing their job, and shrug off any suggestion otherwise. The first in line for the red pen when the budgets get tight, and the people we can not function without.

Thank them today in some small way. Words, actions, or simply intentions will do, because even though we do not often stop to consider them, they are always thinking of us.

14 January 2009

WIP Wednesday

This is this week's major WIP. What's that you say?

It looks finished already?

Well of course it does!

It's the other 5 exactly like it that are WIPs.

This week's WIP is my biggest order yet. 6 bracelets for a Valentine's Day wedding party.

How sweet is that?

12 January 2009

Hi! You've Reached Oh2122

The blogger you have selected is not available at this time.

She may or may not still be in her pajamas recovering from

carb overload,

her car being declared a total loss,

and six more inches of SNOW.

Please be assured that all your crafty and blog-related concerns will be addressed as soon as she is available.

One more pot of coffee should do it.

In the mean time, go check out the Best Posts of the Week.

I'm not even finished reading them all yet, but so far my personal favorites are here, and here.

09 January 2009

We Interrupt This Frosted Friday To Bring You A Finished WIP

I've finished the ornaments for Hubby's family, just in time!

Only two of them know about my little bloggy adventure as of this posting, so...

Hi, In-Laws!

For a small primer on the SOPs at Oh2122, see the bottom half of this post.

Hope you liked these!
They're a little bigger than the last set, but I think I have the technique down now.I'm going to start sketching some variations for sun catchers for the shop.

Christmas is so last year. Bring on Spring!

These are for Hubby's cousins.
However, the pitcher's shape was not ideal and the flash reveals that we no longer heat dry with our dishwasher.


Next week should bring a return to a level of relative normalcy, thank cupcakes. The shop is in need of an update, and I have two new custom orders to work on.

Have a great weekend all!