07 January 2009

WIP Wednesday

I'm hard at work on the last of the ornaments for Hubby's family.This stroke of genius came as a result of the impromptu copper wire ball I created when I made my mother's birthday gifts.I really didn't want a repeat performance.
These are not WIPs, but they technically were a few hours before this photo.
On the left: Onyx and sterling wire.

On the right: Freshwater pearl and copper.

Back to work!


  1. How beautiful!

    I miss my beads. I've been getting freelance work here and there (must! pay! off! debts!) so my little hobby is tucked away for now.

  2. I just love these wire ornament you make! And the earring are wonderful too!

  3. Beautiful! What a great talent to have.

  4. I like the earrings so pretty. I'm gonna go check your shop and heart you too.

    Visiting here via SITS

  5. gorgeous! You are so talented!


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