20 January 2009

It's Inauguration Day In America

An amazing thing is happening today.

In one of our most noble traditions, the reigns of power will pass peaceably from one person to another. By itself, this is astounding, and well beyond the political life of so many other countries, but this year is... different.

Every inauguration day, our country starts anew. Fresh ideas and hopeful people. A chance to make and remake ourselves into the country we want to be.

Whether you voted for the incoming administration or not, the hum of excitement is undeniable.

Pure energy, distilled into one singular moment in time.

Pure potential.

Since I'm likely glued to MSNBC today, I'm posting a rerun from November.

Happy Inauguration Day, America!


It's Election Day In America

Do you know where your polling place is?

When I was little, my parents would take us to vote with them.

In our district, we had the old school booths where you entered and pulled a lever to close the curtain. The booth itself was a massive wall of metal switches that could be flipped up and down, and when you were ready, you cast your ballot by cranking the lever back to open the curtain and "punch" your card. When we were big enough, we were allowed to pull the lever for them. I still hear that metallic click-click-click-clank every time I think about voting.

So today, I will take my son to vote with me.

At only 18 months old he may not remember, but I will.

I will remember that this was the year when people stood in line to vote for hours on end - the way they would normally only stand in line for iPhones and Sox tickets.

I will remember that this was the year people ran for president who, in the past, would not even been allowed to vote, much less actually have more than a snowball's chance of succeeding.

And hopefully, I will remember that this was the year that more people came out to vote than ever have in modern American history.

Left, right, or center - vote.

Get in line.

Stay in line.


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