08 January 2009

We Interrupt This Thursday To Bring You Frosted Friday

Between the car stuff and getting ready for Christmas 2, I am all turned around this week!

So tomorrow's post became today's instead. Think of it as a preview of your weekend.

Chocolate Chip Cookies.

Straight up Nestle Tollhouse. Or Nestle Tollouse for you Friends fans.

Classic Peanut Butter.Thank you, Skippy.

And Iced Gingerbread. Which you will notice are almost identical to these, except that I ran out of Vanilla after the first two, and substituted cinnamon sugar in the glaze.

Yay for yummy mistakes!

It is, after all, how we were blessed with fudge!


  1. good gawd i've got 5 new cavities lookin at all those yummy cookies!


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