12 January 2009

Hi! You've Reached Oh2122

The blogger you have selected is not available at this time.

She may or may not still be in her pajamas recovering from

carb overload,

her car being declared a total loss,

and six more inches of SNOW.

Please be assured that all your crafty and blog-related concerns will be addressed as soon as she is available.

One more pot of coffee should do it.

In the mean time, go check out the Best Posts of the Week.

I'm not even finished reading them all yet, but so far my personal favorites are here, and here.


  1. i'm buried under a foot or more of snow right now. havent gotten outta my pjs in like 2 days. what's the point? lol

  2. Hey, at least we got less snow than predicted! I was dug out by 10 AM.

  3. We have sunny skies. And rather average temperatures for January. And I'm still in my PJs. Contemplating going back on the wii so that I can win against the girls later today :-)

  4. Hope to see you back soon. We are getting the snow tonight.


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