16 January 2009

Frosted Friday Now With More Red Fingers!

Last weekend was our Christmas 2 with Hubby's family. Ab-fab local Sis-In-Law made an amazing dinner with all the trimmings, so I offered to make dessert.

When you're a Northerner with in-laws coming in from South Carolina and Georgia, what else do you make for dessert but Red Velvet Cake?

My southern Sis-In-Law was actually present for the baking, and had the red stained fingers to prove it!

I used the cake and cream cheese frosting recipes I found at Pinch My Salt.

Thank you Google Blog Search!

(Hers looks waaaaaay better than mine, though!)

This is the paste you're supposed to make with the cocoa powder and food coloring. An ounce of food coloring.I actually used a gel, and I don't think I'll do that again. It looks more like joint compound than paste.

I didn't get an action shot of the baking soda and vinegar, as I was afraid I would delay the folding too much. So this is the only action shot.

Can you feel the heat? No?

Cooling and looking pretty good.
Frosted and ready to go.
I think it looks slightly pink.
And what was even coloring when poured in to the pans ended up slightly uneven.
I blame the gel. In retrospect, I should have used a liquid food coloring.

It was met with resounding approval from all Southerners present.

Not bad for a Yankee.

I just have one question...
What am I supposed to do with all of this?


  1. give it to stray cats. that's what I do;)

  2. My dad's favorite cake was Red Velvet...I haven't had it in forever.

    And for buttermilk...I have a recipe on my blog for Irish soda bread...you could make some of that. Easy peasy...

  3. I second make biscuits. Or bake some bread. Yum.

  4. Beautiful cake. I stopped by from SITS!

  5. Never heard of Red Velvet cake. Looks good :-)

    I second soda bread, and also pancakes with buttermilk. Yum!

  6. I'm impressed! And I bet you meant to make it swirly, right? Right??

  7. Pancakes and I will help you eat them! :)


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