12 November 2008

My New Scarf, Or:

Why the girl with two astigmatisms should not "just eyeball it."

As I washed and sorted our winter gear, I couldn't help but notice that almost all of my handmade scarves are skinny, as was the edict sent down from on high last year.

This simply will not do for Winter '08!

So I set out to make a chunky but cozy neck warmer that would go with the majority of my wardrobe. Rather than measure my current scarves and make one that was bigger, I decided to wing it.

Not bad, if I do say so myself. Chunky, soft, and ALMOST A FOOT WIDE.

I have to fold it in half just to see.

If my neck is cold this year, it is my own dang fault!


  1. Great job on the scarf! What size needle did you use? What yarn?

  2. I love it! Too funny about the sizes, though :)

  3. I love that. And those colors are totally my wardrobe. Either those or browns and greens.

    I was on a road trip last weekend with women from my book club. And they were all so cute with their scarves decorating their outfits. And I just can't pull that off.

    You know. Scarves would make a lovely give away :-)


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