11 February 2009

Thoughts? Ideas? Views? Opinions?

Soooo... I have an idea rolling around in my head for a little while, and I'd like to shine a little sunlight on it and see what blooms.

(Or as Hubby is fond of saying, "Quick! Let it out before it starves to death!" How sweet, right?)

Everyone's familiar with CommentLove, right?

I'm contemplating running a monthly event where people can join in and post about their own favorite comment(s) of the month.

I would put up my CommentLove post on, say, the last Friday of the month, and add a Mr. Linky so people can add their own links.

What say you, pixel peeps?


  1. This sounds like a really good idea. I wonder if you are aware of the Say it Forward comment carnival at 5 minutes for mom on Fridays.

  2. That sounds like a cute idea but like Elizabeth, you might be fighting 5M4M.

  3. There are lots of those out there, and that's how I found you! So, I say, 'you go, girl!'


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