06 February 2009

Friday Housekeeping

I am not feeling the Luv.

The CommentLuv, that is.

It is doing very weird things to my little corner of the web. Comments are being eaten. Comment numbers are not matching up. The blog itself has been behaving strangely since I added it, so it has to go.

I apologize if it has done odd things to you and your comments, and rest assured, I am working on it. I have two support emails in, one reply was not very helpful, and I am waiting for the second.

Comment Love, on the other hand, will continue to be a fixture around here.

Providing I can scrub CommentLuv from my template soon!


On a lighter note:

If you're in the metro-west area of Mass this weekend, my favorite bead shop is having a grand re-opening event!

Beadles, formerly of Westford, is moving to fab new digs in Chelmsford.

I will be the one in the red coat (that, incidentally, matches my car) wandering the aisles counting to myself and muttering about color combinations.

Next week's posts should be chock full of springy goodness!


Also, today is Very Funny Friday over at Navel Gazing.

My link will just end up taking you back in time to yesterday, when I was much funnier and less distracted by comments borking left and right, but the rest of the links will most assurely be filled with laughs of the "OMG I HAVE TO PEE" variety.

Enjoy, and have a fab weekend!


  1. Kate Coveny Hood06 February, 2009 00:52

    Comment Luv always uses old posts for me - never understood that...

  2. Over from the New England Bloggers! http://ebogie.blogspot.com/2007/01/new-england-bloggers.html

    Glad to find another MA Blogger!

  3. I've never heard of comments being eaten. How scary!

  4. Some of those neat techno things can mess you up:-(

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