17 February 2009

Let It Ride


You guys are some of the nicest commenters I have ever met!

It makes me want to get back into my office ASAP and polish up some really amazing listings for the update and Spring Fling.

If you haven't already entered, you can do so until midnight on February 21 at midnight EST.

Don't forget that

will be hosting a major spring giveaway starting March 3rd.

I'm off to tinker with these:

And how fab are those green adventurine beads? This photo totally does not do them justice.

They're like tiny round reminders that the snow will be gone very soon.


  1. Reading your blog makes me want to take a jewlery making class! ;)

  2. I think Cairo stole my comment! I was going to ask if you ever did in-home tutorials or parties, since we live so close!


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