02 February 2009

Not-So-Breaking News!

I intend to be knee deep in crafty bits and list making today, but I needed to pop in to join in the revels!

Handmade artisans and crafters have been granted a stay of execution.

The CPSIA has been put on hold for one year while they look into the impact it would have on small businesses.

There are other statutes going into effect, and this is only a temporary hold, but it is amazing progress!

Score one for grassroots movements!

*happy dancing back into my office*


  1. Liz @ Loving Mom 2 Boys02 February, 2009 00:55

    just found you through Thoughts from and Evil Overlord (fellow NE'er). I am so happy to hear this news!! I have been very bothered by the CPSIA as well...I am so happy that something is happening!!

    Recent blog post: A Change is Needed - and a Project Revealed

  2. Yeah! I was excited to hear this news also!

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  3. It was a list making day....

    I have enjoyed reading your blog. The cinnamon rolls on the last post look soooooo good.

    I'm having a gift-a-way, check it out when you have a minute.


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