27 February 2009

Flashback Filler, Day 4

If all had gone according to plan, the first wave of my spring shop update should have be ready to go this weekend.

Really, what are the odds of everything going according to plan?


(Teething toddler, lingering head cold, and insurance company? I'm looking at you.)

I will be adding things to the shop a little at a time over the next week, plus actual content will return! Someone got a delivery from Mabel's Labels yesterday....

Also, If you had not already heard, the SITS Spring Fling has been moved to March 10th. (Thank GOODNESS! I will be ready, but I am very grateful for the extra time to tweak and adjust.)

Hope everyone has a fab weekend!


From The Summer of 2008:

Back Off, Ladies. He's Taken.


Dinner time in our house. We enter upon a discussion involving produce and washing it before consuming it.

Lights up.

I don't know. The FDA is getting a lot better at tracking the problems.

Yeah, but I'd really like them to prevent the problems before they start. I'd appreciate not having to wonder if my spinach is going to kill me.

Hmm. First it was the spinach. Now it's the tomatoes. What's next? The Parmesan cheese? Oh my GOD! It's THE FLORENTINE CONSPIRACY!

(rolling eyes)

Mummy! Dinn-uh! Dinn-uh! Dinn-uh!

Fade to black.


  1. Hey we soak all our veggies in a bleach and water solution before rinsing it in bottled water. Trust me, i'd kill to just have to wash veggies in water. LOL

  2. WOW! What's it like being married to a professional comedian?

  3. I've never met him in person, but I have a crush on your hubby.

    Seriously, that conversation may as well have taken place on my livingroom sofa - we aren't civilized enough to use our dining room table for eating, it's more like a dumping ground for all things we are too lazy to put away.

  4. Love the flashback! Funny! Thanks for sharing.


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