25 February 2009

Flashback Filler, Day 2

*Tall and tan and young and lovely, the girl from Impanema goes walking...*

Another flashback today, this time to a NaBloPoMo entry for the theme "Letters."

*And when she passes, hm hmm hm-mm-mm-mm-mm, ahhhh...*

I'm still elbow deep in shiny bits, and there's a whole list of new blogs I need to blogroll and follow. I am WAY behind! I swear I will visit all the new readers and followers as soon as I get this muzak out of my head!


From April of 2008:

Parlez Vous Coffee?

So up here in the frozen, but happily defrosting Northeast, we have had a bit of coffee bipartisanship a'brewin for some time now. (Pun intended. Sorry.) There are two very large chains. One has a green logo, and blended, frozen cups of crack-addictive goodness... The other one serves "donuts."

(Can you guess which one I prefer?)

There's also a very funny commercial put out by the bakery-related chain where a group of people sing about the strange names given to the sizes at the green-logoed heaven. Perhaps they are singing in "Fratalian?"

Now you've got it.

I never really got the whole tall, grande, venti, why don't you have an intravenous option thing, but hey, when in Rome, don't piss off the lion making your coffee. So I learned. I have become very adept at chanting out my usual, as well as my husband's favorites.

That's a hoot in and of itself. When the 5'5" chick approaches the counter and asks for what amounts to 5 or 6 shots of espresso in a cup with some foam, eyes do bug. I do usually know what I'm saying, or so I thought.

Then came Saturday afternoon, at a branch location of my house of worship with a small but reasonable facsimile of green-logo land in it.

I approached the counter and the conversation went something like this:

"Hi, can I help you?"

"Hi, yes. Could I please have a grande, low-fat, *copyrighted frozen drink*?"

"A large?"

*Blinking, wondering if anyone else smells burnt rubber from the mental screech marks*
"Um, no, medium? A grande?"

Now, I've been an exchange student and a tourist in countries outside of the US. I am all for speaking the language of the country you are in. It's when you go to Germany and they're speaking Swahili that things get dicey.

So today, G is for large. Deal with it or go get yourself a cruller.


  1. I'd like a venti, triple shot, nonfat, white chocolate mocha, no whip. To go.

    I don't like coffee unless it tastes like something else and the wcm tastes nice and chocolately!! ;)

  2. I tried commenting on your post yesterday, but the silly thing wouldn't let me!

    I said something along the lines of...
    "I love the written word because it allows us to remember these great little things in life."

    Hope all is well!
    Sylvia C.


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