20 February 2009

A Mossy Bit-O-Sunshine

It snowed here this week.

It's supposed to snow again this weekend.

And those cupcakes at the weather channel are talking about more next weekend.

I know Phil saw his shadow and all, but if this keeps up, I'm going to track that furball down and

We. Will. Have. Words.

There was a great surprise in my mailbox this week, though.

My snow covered mailbox... but I'm not bitter...

How fab is this?

I won it, courtesy of Erin At Every Heart Crafts.

I have plans for this yummy hint of spring already, and I can't wait to get to work on it!

Erin has a great Etsy shop, too. My favorite is the Green Bodhi Leaf, but you'll have to judge for yourself!


  1. Trust when i say that snow is far, far better than a dust storm. *sigh* The new heart is gorgeous!

  2. I think I would mind the snow less if it didn't snow, then warm up to 50, then get back down to 20. Ice covered by snow is the worst.

    Love the heart--the different greens are gorgeous.

  3. stopping by from SITS! you were the post before me and i was intrigued by the "oh2122" and had to come see what it meant.

    i have a strong desire to be crafty...but i just don't know how to be! and we are getting snow here today and it makes me very sad. i'm ready for spring!

  4. Thanks so much! It makes me so happy to hear you like your heart. I'm looking forward to seeing it in your work! Talk to you soon.

  5. We got 1/2 foot:-( I am so over this damned snow!

  6. 100% with you on being ready for Spring. I am over sweaters.

    Of course there is that awkward month of showing pastey limbs and having to TRY to remember to shave your legs - but I'll take it!


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