24 February 2009

Flashback Filler, Day 1

I am trying very hard to be productive this week, and there are a lot of unfinished projects clamoring for my immediate attention.

Between the Barking Mad giveaway and my impending 1 year Blogiversary, I'm feeling a little introspective. (I know the math looks fuzzy, but I'm counting the anonymous before time too.)

So rather than upload a video of me humming random muzak to pass the time, I thought I'd dig into the archives of my long lost anon-o-blog and share the before with the fine readers of Oh2122.


Or at least don't point and laugh, m'kay?


From March of 2008:

Dear Little Girl in Pink,

I am so glad you had such a good time at my cousins' birthday party this weekend. You seemed to take a special liking to my son. Who could blame you? Monkey is a shameless flirt, and obviously drew you in with his trademark squeals and smiles.

Running at my new little walker full bore and skidding to a stop, unbalancing him each time, looked like a lot of fun for you. You especially seemed to like crawling up next to him and the other children playing with an animatronic toy and whining, "Nooooooooooooo-wuh!" Only when he reached for it, of course, but you really did have to protect someone else's toy from the curious one year old.

And when you came up behind Monkey as he was crawling along after his beloved cousins, and proceeded to push him down to the ground with all of your might... well!

You may have just invented the best party game ever!

Monkey's father and I are glad we could provide you with such an entertaining playmate for the day. We'll be sure to reintroduce the two of you at next year's birthday party, when Monkey will be almost two. I'm sure he will remember you, sweetie.

I know I will.

All my love,

Monkey's Mummy

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  1. And where were girl in pink's parent? She sounds like a doll.


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