16 December 2008

WIP Wednesday

I had another order this week, and this time it was from an awesome blogger I've been reading since I was just a wee blogger -scarcely knee high to a Sitemeter.

As timing would have it, her package shipped on Day One of Ice-mare 08. By some miracle the post office actually had power. So I photographed a new process I'm test running and intended to post it on the day of shipping.

Partly to warn the buyer that an experimental envelope of paper bits was on the way, and opening it over carpeting may be inadvisable.

Ha. Silly me.

Ice, Monkey, fever, coolers of chicken and milk... but I digress.

We've been greenifying our lives for a while now. Reusable bags for shopping. CLF light bulbs. There is even a bottle filled with water displacing the tank water in or bathroom. (It makes your fixture a lower flow fixture at a fraction of the cost of a new one.)

So in an effort to make shipping a greener affair at Oh2122, I've been doing a little research and tinkering. Bubble mailers, though reusable, are not easily recyclable. Plastic linings will do that.

This is what I'm working with right now, but it needs tweaking.

I gathered some of the catalogues destined for the recycling bin and ran them through the cross cut shredder.
I lined the bottom of a manila envelope with some of the filler. Advanced move may involve paper grocery bags, as suggested by my neighborhood barista. I've had so many Peppermint Mocha Twists in the last 4 days, he may be my new BFF.

Here's where the picture of the wrapped items should be.

Should've could've would've.

Again that dang ice, Monkey, fever, coolers of chicken and milk...

Then again the "dressing" of the items is it's own WIP, so maybe it's for the best.

Items in and the envelope was stuffed with more filler.
I am contemplating a shipping label with the Oh2122 logo on it, self printed of course, but that will be a WIP for another day.

The filler is recycled and recyclable with your other paper products, and the envelope is both reusable and recyclable. Quad score!

So, readers, do you have any green shipping ideas? Have you received anything lately that came fabulous AND green packaging?


  1. Peppermint Mocha Twists?!!?! That sounds soooo tasty!!!

    Growing up we always kept our gift bags and reused them every year even if it meant regifting the gift bag. My brother believes in wrapping gifts in newspaper or magazine sheets.

  2. It worked like a charm too!! The items I ordered arrived on time, unscathed and gorgeous!! I feel really good that I supported my fellow Etsy seller and the green packaging was the icing on the cake:-)

  3. I save and reuse all packing items I can. I've asked for a shredder for Christmas, just so I can make my own filler like you.
    I receive a lot of medications in the mail that come in styrofoam coolers. I save the coolers and bring them to the hospital when I go so they can re-use them.

  4. That is a great idea for padding your packages! Thanks so much for visiting my blog! Sorry to hear your hubby had a scare on his visit here - that is rare nowdays.

  5. Hey I think it's great!!!!! We're 'greening' up our house as well lately!! Depending on the size of the package, (like, for a box) I just crinkle up newspaper around the item. Works like a charm. Great blog!!!!!!!



  6. nice idea for packing .. though even i prefer using newspaper for packing mst stuff ... loved ur jwellery ... do u ship to countries other than US and Canada ??


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