30 December 2008

Comment Love

This has been a watershed year for me. 2008 brought me blogging, Etsy, and all of the fascinating people I have met out here among the pixels.

I want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for reading, and commenting, and your encouragement. And thank you for all of your own blogs too!

What an amazing thing this blogging is!

***Comment Love***
*a teeny tiny sampling of the fab comments here at Oh2122*

On the picture of Monkey from 2007:

Charity Childs-Gevero: That's your little monkey? Aaaawwww.... can I have little monkey?

Jenners, who's here too: I am so glad that someone else can't show photos of their kid on their blog too! My husband told me no photos of our son (unless he is absolutely unidentifiable) on the blog (he is really paranoid about creepy people) and I felt like the only one not able to post photos of my kid but I see you have the same restrictions! Love the photo!

Amy: So cute :)

Thank you all. I am seriously considering renting him out. He's grown in to quite a personality. The Blarney Stone runs in his veins, I tell you!

I decided to only post non-identifying pictures of him for my own piece of mind. Safety is paramount, but it's about his privacy too.

I'm more than willing to tell embarrassing stories about him, but I wouldn't want the kids in his kindergarten class to know before he even meets them about the time Mommy changed his diaper in the back of the car and locked the two of us in.

I have to save SOMETHING for the bus stop, right?

Pratibha, of MANY blogs: do u ship to countries other than US and Canada ??

Not yet, but I'm working on it. I'm so new to Etsy, I'm still learning. Shipping outside of the US and Canada is on my "Bloggy-To-Do" list for 2009!

On the smoke detector ornament:

Brenda: I love the pics - and the smoke detector for the tree? I HAVE to get hubby one, he would sleep better at night! The plaid throughout the house is a nice touch.

Liz: I'm guessing you are related to a firefighter - I am going to ask a friend with a firefighter father if she had a smoke detector inside her tree, will report back soon!

The parents got it for us, but I have no earthly clue where. Google failed me too. It's just one of the many perks of growing up as the daughter of a fire fighter.

Also included are hip-high fire boots for shovelling snow and your father in the fire truck driving by you and the approximately 100 other kids walking home from school and telling you over the PA to go home and do your homework.

Lorrwill: Oh and feel free to post those cookie recipes...YUM!

Ask and ye shall receive. Truly, they're all variations on recipes from The Joy of Cooking, Pampered Chef, and Alton Brown. The gingerbread is from a box. I'll gather them up and post them Friday.

It will do me good to write it out so I'm not sniffing the anise cookie dough AGAIN next year and wondering if I put enough in!

Jori-O: BTW, I can't help but share...the word verification right now is "upbut". HA! =)

HA! I love when word verification looks like it's trying to communicate with us! Then again sometimes it just looks like an eye exam. I once got rrurunni. Seriously? I had to the count letters!

Kat: First...your comment today on my blog truly made me laugh out loud. And I'll be sure to do some financial planning with your dad when we win the mega millions :-)

*Part of what I said on this post about what I'd do if I won the lottery was: "Anyone in financial need gets a loan. Dad, who thinks about this a lot too came up with that. You have to pay taxes on a gift, but not on a loan with a $1 payment schedule and next to nothing interest!"

Dad's brain just works like that. Brilliant. Go check out the
comments. They're sweet and funny, and hey, if you know where to get a llama...

Very Mary: Shoes are SO crafty. Because someone had to craft those cute shoes. right? RIGHT?

Yes. Yes they are. Now if I could just figure out how to write them off on my taxes... or maybe get them for free?

Hello, shoe companies? Will blog for shoes!

Size 7 1/2, thank you.


  1. Oh, I love links - they are almost as exciting as comments :-)

    But...really...I need no help finding a llama :-)

  2. I'm so glad to have found you in the big wide blogging world!

    (And earlier tonight my comment verification word was "unmacho". I'm very un-macho, also known as feminine and it made me giggle.)

  3. Thanks for the linky love!

    Sounds like you need a review blog in 2009 - reviewing exclusively shoes!

  4. Oh this was a fun post! And I was shocked to see my comment on there! Thanks though! This was a great idea for a post.

    And the smoke detector ornament is genius. I watched a show a few years ago called American Inventor (or something along those lines) and one of the winners was a firefighter who designed a Christmas tree angel that had a built-in sprinkler system that would put out any fires on the tree. It was put on the top and then was somehow able to extinguish a fire. I wonder if it is the same thing you were talking about and it came to market.

    And word verifications are pretty amusing and, sometimes, oddly fitting.

  5. What a great post idea! Glad to have met you this year!

  6. I don't post "identifying" pictures of my son either -- I just feel weird about it. I have posted older pics of him, but that's it. I think I did do one recent one, but I'm going to delete it. :) So funny.


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