31 December 2008

Hello 2009!

All the way back in October, I read this post at Bead Nerd about setting your intentions for the upcoming year.

In part, she said:
"Recently I read a blog post about choosing a word for the year. No resolutions. No goals. Just one word."

The idea has stuck with me.

An intention.

A single word to carry with you.

A theme for the year, if you will.

In thinking about it I have many goals for the upcoming year, both personal and professional, and the professional is very personal for me.

Professionally, I want to write more. I want to make something happen with non-blog writing the way I have with Oh2122. I want to make the most of this bloggy-bloggy world. I want my writing to live up to its potential. I want my crafting and Etsy shop to live up to their potential. I want to live up to my potential.

2009 will be about potential here at Oh2122. Seeing and seizing opportunities to learn new skills and improve my craft - er - crafts? Um... craftiness?

So readers, how will you be living up to your potential this year?


  1. drunk

    what? is that wrong???

    thanks for stopping by my blog!!! I am inspired by this post, really...

  2. I've been doing a monthly theme for my life since I started blogging early in 2008, and I've been thinking about what my theme will be for 2009. I've decided on Creation. In 2009, I'll be creating a family, creating a community (both bloggy and in real life), creating a new career, creating new opportunities for myself and my new family, creating new sources of income, and creating words and pictures as I blog and take photos.

  3. Oh dammit, Laura stole mine. Although I was going to use the word "champagne-whore" (what? it's hyphenated)


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