16 December 2008

Home Again

We're home!

And I am fighting the urge to turn on every light in the house.

Just. Because. I. Can.

We passed many a dark house on the way home, and I hope they are keeping safe and warm, and that they will also have their power restored ASAP.

Though we are eternally grateful to my parents for housing us, and to their dogs for putting up with the love Monkey heaps upon them, it is good to be home.

As soon as we unload the coolers of frozen food*, we're going to BED! Here's to a good night's sleep for all involved, and a return to relative normalcy.

I'll wade through my reader in the morning. 298 at last count. Yipes. Apologies to all the bloggy peeps who will be seeing three-day old posts getting comment hits and scratching their heads.

Sleep now. Yes please and thank you.

*I had just gone grocery shopping in the morning of the day the storm hit. Timing. I have it. But I'll be a frosted cupcake if I'm going to lose 4 gallons of milk, chicken, ground beef, and half a freezer full of veggies to an ice storm!


  1. Things always seem to happen that way! Wash your car and it rains. Buy frozen food and an ice storm that kills your power hits. :( My parents had to include a giant freezer filled with food in their insurance settlement for the last big ice storm.

  2. I am so glad that you are home. With power. And safe frozen foods :-)

    And I do that with my reader. I always get far behind...and am always on catch up mode.

  3. Glad you're home and safe! And well-provisioned!

  4. SOunds like our sucky hurricane evacuation days. Sucks! Glad you made it back :)

  5. A frosted cupcake...you know, I like that! :)

    It's alright that you were late. :) Thank you for visiting and thank you for the comment. :)

    kittens n kisses,


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