29 December 2008

Crafty Loot

Bloggy peeps, there are some DEALS to be had out there!

I am positively stocked with crafty bits post-Christmas!

Thank you Hubby! How did you know EXACTLY what I wanted?


Not pictured is the sterling wire I ordered on Etsy, the wire rounder from Art Beads, and the cookie cutters from Michael's that were insanely discounted.

And thanks to some generous relatives who are familiar with my B&N addiction, I scored 200 Crochet Tips, Techniques & Trade Secrets, and a very cool calligraphy starter kit. Bonus, I still have room on my gift cards! I've requested a few crafty books from the library so I can test drive them before buying. Love that inter-library lending!

Yes, I did get things that were not craft-related. I am nothing if balanced when it comes to shopping. So among other things there may or may not be two new pairs of shoes in my closet. And if there are, they were most certainly on sale. Possibly even clearanced down to 1/3 their original price. And left there by elves under the cover of night.


I'm going back to Michael's and Joann's this week to check out their fab end of the year clearance deals. If you're crafty or know someone who is, it is VERY worth it to sign up for their email notices. I am getting % off coupons from both places at least once a week.

Before I drag Monkey back to the store with the "Beads!" I should share a story.

A teeny tiny little old lady* stopped me in Michael's this weekend to ask if I wanted one of her coupons. She wasn't getting anything that wasn't already on sale, so she couldn't use them. Sadly, neither was I, but how sweet was that of her to offer?

*If I, at 5'6" AFTER YOGA, thought she was teeny tiny, how tall could she have been?


  1. I'm diggin on the clearance sales right now too.

    BTW, I can't help but share...the word verification right now is "upbut".

    HA! =)

  2. First...your comment today on my blog truly made me laugh out loud. And I'll be sure to do some financial planning with your dad when we win the mega millions :-)

    I need to get myself to Michael's or Joann's to get some things framed. And I love getting things from the library. I always borrow cook books that I am thinking about getting first. Usually I end up just copying down a few recipes and moving on...

  3. Shoes are SO crafty. Because someone had to craft those cute shoes. right? RIGHT?


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