04 December 2008

Meme Along With Me

So the ab-fab Laughing Purple Goldfish has tagged me for a meme this week, and I am just now posting it! Between my SECOND Etsy sale, sniffles all around, and a birthday project for my mother, I've been running around like the proverbial headless chicken.

Side note - how much does that blog name rock? I can't help but think of a purple goldfish rolling around on a counter laughing and holding it's sides. She is an amazing crafter who can recycle just about anything into something wonderful. Got unusable burnt out Christmas lights hanging around? She can help!

The Rules, Yo:

1) Link to your tagger and list all these rules in your blog.
2) Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird.
3) Tag 7 people at the end of your post by including links to their blogs.
4) Let them know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

Just The Facts:

1) I like scrambled eggs on toast with Nutella. No I am not kidding, and yes all of my taste buds still work. Try it.

2) My Dad and I have scars in the exact same place on the exact same eyebrow from the exact same thing. Chicken pox.

3) I would live in Barnes and Noble if they let me. Hubby and I have a date this weekend and the only thing we have decided on is that we will be going to B&N.

4) Hubby and I were both named, first and middle names, for our grandparents.

5) I love the show What Not To Wear and if I were ever on it, I would certainly go home naked but wearing the coolest shoes EVER.

6) I have a gaggle of first cousins on one side ranging in age from 40 to 6. And yes, we all blood relatives and have the same two people as grandparents.

7) My Google Reader currently contains 111 blogs. Which makes choosing 7 people REALLY hard, so I'm digging into my comments!

The Tagged:

Elizabeth @ Thoughts From An Evil Overlord

Cairo Typ0 @ Wandering The World

Susie @ Susie's Homemade

Jori-O @ Jeff & Me + Three

Liz @ Inventing My Life

Erin @ Every Heart Crafts

Kat @ Sunshine And Lemonade


  1. Wow, a second Etsy sale - way to go! And thanks for the tag, I'm still trying to figure out if it will be super easy or incredibly difficult to come up with seven random things I haven't already written about on the blog, but I'll give it a shot!

  2. Nutella on toast with eggs?? Hmmm...where on EARTH did that combo come from?? But I guess I can't knock it...I like some weird stuff too! =) Thanks for the tag; I'll prolly post it next week!

  3. You are so funny putting the meme on a different post than my current one :-)

    And I will happily live at Barnes and Noble with you. They should offer sleep overs :-)

    Thanks for the tag - I'll have to work on a list of random.

  4. I'll be more than happy to move into B&N with you!! :) You're on your own with teh nutella and scrambled eggs tho! LOL

    Thanks for the tag. We're off on on much needed vacation shortly but when i get back i will share the meme love!! :)

  5. What a great meme!! I will have to respond soon. I am still on the mend:-)

  6. Hi! Happy Fridays. You were the commenter below me on SITS roll call today so I'm stopping by to check out your site!!!

  7. thanks for stopping by yesterday! I appreciate all the kind comments.

    lovely blog design!

  8. I love love love What Not To Wear! :)

    Eggs and Nutella? Uhh....

    Congrats on your new order and being so busy! It's fun. :)

    And yes, that's carnelian down below.

    How's this for the most random comment ever?


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