03 December 2008

'Cause I Needed More Beads

Yes I did.

I actually managed to enter the store and only leave with what I came for.

Yay me!

I found some great Tiger's Eye, which I think will be used in remaking yesterday's bracelet.

And if memory serves, this is Carnelian.
But I forgot to write it down.

Boo me.

I'll be back there very soon, though. They have a frequent flyer card and I hit the spend $ get $ mark.

Of course I did.


  1. It's official - you're addicted! LOL

  2. Yes, that's carnelian. I don't think you really needed more beads, but you can call it a business expense, right?

  3. Those carnelian beads are beautiful! They look like cranberries -- perfect for right now!

  4. Yes, those do look like carnelians. Really nice ones too!


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