18 October 2008

Who Are You? Who-Who Who-Who?

I have mentioned before that Oh2122 is not my first foray in to all things bloggy. I started blogging, um, elsewhere...

I'm still not sure what I want to do with that space, and whether I will be combining the craftyness with the mommyness, but I went back and changed it to private until I figure it all out.

So while I sort through all things BlogHer Boston, riddle me this, readers:

If you're mostly a craft blogger, do you read mommy blogs "for a change"?

If you're mostly a mommy blogger, do you read craft blogs "for a change"?

Does the merging of the two in one place bug you?

Do you prefer the little sidebar that says "find me here too" to keep it separate?


  1. I like them all mixed together. I mostly blog about crafting, and I mostly read crafting blogs but theres something so personal when you can just say, "Hey, see what happened at my house today." On the craft blogs I read, I have saw post about going to the ER, dieting, sick kids, fun trips. It really lets you see the person behide the magic:)

  2. Really, do you have time to keep up with 2, or will they merge anyway?

  3. I mix the two also:-) The blog is about me and the mommy side of me is...well...me:-) So, I can't seperate them:-)

  4. I followed you from Art Bead Scene cos anyone who has visions of copper and lace has to be cool.

    Well since I am not a mommy I am not sure if I am qualified to reply but I really don't see how you can separate crafts and kids. Making crafts for kids is as cool as teaching them crafts (start those creative addictions early, I say!)

    Plus little peeks into folks' lives is fun (like their families, recipes, pets, neighborhoods).

    On my craft blog I avoid sex, politics, and religion, but I do add a little non-craft related humour, usually involving cute, fuzzy animals.

    I have a second 'art for art's sake' blog that I started for things I felt were too far off the craft topic.

  5. I am brand new to your blog - it was great meeting you at BlogHer Boston! I mentioned I would send you an email about my thoughts on different blogging platforms. Like you, I am still sorting through everything and will be in touch soon!

    I like the idea of combining it all- I definitely think it is important to have a focus, but leaving it somewhat broad helps you define your blog and differentiate yourself.

  6. I like them mixed too, but I mostly look for decorating/crafty ones. When I find a funny "mommy" one, I keep going back. :)


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