01 October 2008

Grand Opening Giveaway!

September is SO the new October.

My Etsy shop went live in the waning hours of September 30th!

I'm counting that one as extra credit.

And check out that fab little widget over there ---->

I'm positively giddy, I tell you! Decaf for me today.

Ok, so what is in the shop is just the tip of the iceberg. There are a lot of other things still in progress, not to mention the other crafty categories - paper, crochet... I'm tickled pink by the thought of finally doing something with all the fun and funky crafts that I seem to have been attracting my whole life.

Not counting the horror of the dark days of my puffy paint addiction, of course.


On to the rules for the giveaway:

Go here and take a look around.

Pick out something that strikes your fancy and come back here to tell me what it is.

After comments close at midnight I will randomly select one commenter to receive their favorite item, so choose wisely.

As always, feedback is not only welcome, it is very much appreciated.

Oh, and anyone you send over here today should also let me know you sent them, so you can win bonus entries!


Edited to add:

I should have specified 12 AM EST.

Silly me, but thank goodness we're not dealing with Daylight Savings Time too!

And sorry if there has been confusion, but the top Etsy Mini links to Oh2122.

The bottom is my Esty Favorites Mini, and contains items I like but were not made by me.

Deepest apologies if I have disappointed anyone, but I encourage you to go check them out too. Etsy is chock full of amazing people!


  1. I was sent here from "spit-up and stilettos" and personally I'm a fan of the Huntington Earrings. Beautiful!!!

  2. Congrats on the grand openeing! love the chatham earrings!

  3. My fave are the Longwood earrings...very nice. Congrats on your opening :D

  4. Oh, they're all so lovely! Congrats on officially opening :D
    I think my favorites are the Park Street Earrings.

  5. Congrats on the new shop! Etsy is a lot of fun, but very addictive.

    I love the names of your items and since I work in Chatham County NC, I'll have to pick your Chatham earrings.

  6. My favorite is the Atlantic Bracelet. OH so pretty:-)

  7. I really like the peas in the pod. That was the first succesful vegetable that I grew this year in my vegeatble garden.

    If I were to win though I would want you to choose and item for me that is less expensive than the peas in the pod.

    Your work is beautiful.

  8. Thanks for coming to visit my blog today! I hope your etsy shop goes well! I love the earrings!! Very pretty!!