09 October 2008

Comment Love

It's time for a little Comment Love!

I love to read all of your comments, so I thought I would start sharing some of them. If you're reading through a reader, you click through and check out the commenters' blogs. You're in for a real treat!


Susie said: If it's wrong to be excited about yarn then, it's wrong to be excited about chocolate. And I don't want to be right:-)

I'll start working on chocolate yarn right away. I'm thinking we might want to confine that to winter wear only, though...


This Mom asked: How did you learn to do that, from a book or did someone show you? I have always wanted to learn.

My mom taught me and my sisters. My family is packed with crafty people, most of whom I am now trying to convert to Etsy devotees! There are some great books out there from a line called Visually Teach Yourself that I need to help me learn more than just the basic stitches. The "visual" part really helps me.


Rae said: Wait! Google Reader can do that?? I need to switch over from bloglines. Awesome.

It's an upgrade. Nice, right? But I'm still waiting on the "clean the bathroom while I blog surf" function.


June asked: Okay, I have to ask... 02122 is a zip code, right? Whereabouts is that? My knowledge of the US is a bit minimal - 90210 Is the only zip code I know (embarrassing but true!)

Technically I already answered her directly, but I thought I'd clear that up. Here's what I said:

It is. It's Dorchester - a neighborhood in the city of Boston.

Home to The New Kids On The Block, actually. Though technically the closest one to my house was 10 blocks away in 02124.

And other than the ones I have lived in, 90210 is pretty much the only one I would know either!


Cahte said: Wow! Cake lady!! Nice work on both! (Now I need to go look for a spoon and that tub of frosting in the pantry...)

Cathe, if you think that was good, wait until you see what's coming next week. A little something I call Grasshopper Brownies. And thanks to this post by the multi-talented Lauren, they will be just a little different this time.


Speaking of coming attractions, Erin tagged me for a meme called "7 Random Things" that will be up on Saturday. And believe me when I say, they are very random.


And for even more crafty-bloggy-fun check this out!

blogger ornament exchange

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