17 October 2008

And The Winner Is...

My Sitemeter doesn't know what hit it, and I've seen so many word verifications that I think they're starting to talk to me, but it was totally worth it!

Now it's time to give these away!I went through all the wonderful comments and eliminated the duplicates. What was up with blogger re-naming a couple of people I'll never know! And how on earth did it get Sweet Shoppe from Sassy Mom?

Blogger's quirks aside... ready?

Drumroll please:

And the winner is:

Amy Kay at My Life Is Organized Chaos!

Congrats, Amy Kay, and I'll be in touch shortly!

Whew, that was intense. If you have not visited Blog Around The World yet, well, what are you waiting for???

And stay tuned for my BlogHer Boston recap, coming up next. I apologize for the delay. Can't imagine what I was doing this week...

Happy Friday Everyone!


  1. AAAhhh thank you so much. They are very pretty, now I need to find something that matches so I can wear them. I will reply to your email. Have a GREAT Friday!
    Hugs, Amy ;)

  2. Congratulations AMY! Those are awesome earrings!!

    by the way I launched my coffee site today, open and ready for orders :) If you want to check it out go to www.getthebean.com.

    Also, we are doing GIVEAWAYS for the rest of this month. To enter visit www.getthebean.blogspot.com :)

    Have an awesome weekend!


  3. I guess this should be a lesson to me not to get behind on my BATW visits!

    The adding Rs to the ends of words KILLS ME. Okay, bit of an exaggeration, but still, it really, really, bugs me.

    Thanks for the Mass welcome!

  4. Hey girl!

    I haven't heard back from you on the contest over on my site - have you not been getting my emails? I wasn't sure how else to contact you if you haven't, hence this comment.

    Email me at okayfinedammit [at] gmail [dot] com to chat, the last day for the giveaway of your earrings is tomorrow and I wasn't sure how you wanted to do it.

    Thanks! And congrats that things are going so well! :)


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