20 March 2009

Subliminal Gardening

Monkey and I started some flowers this week.

Mini sunflowers for our planters, and giant sunflowers to line the ugly fence in our backyard.

I've been fixated on planting sunflowers for weeks, and had no idea why.

It wasn't until I explained to Monkey that not all flowers are called "daises" for the 100th time that I remembered this:

That would be Bob and his crew in Sunflower Valley.

(And yes, I can name the whole crew and sing the theme song too.)


  1. You should record yourself singing Bob's song and have it play on your blog. We'd all enjoy it!

  2. Too funny!! Good luck with those seedlings:-)

  3. Sunflower growing blessing to you:)

  4. Hi, Alicia! I noticed you hadn't posted in almost a week and I was worried about you. Hope everyone is healthy, but I know the bug is going around.


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