04 March 2009

Mabel's Labels Are The Cupcake

There are times I wish I could break my own rules and swear in a post. This is one of those times and the phrase in question would be:

"Holy **cupcakes!** It stayed on!"

A while back, I entered the Mabel's Labels BlogHer '09 Contest, and while I didn't win, I was sent a very cool consolation prize.

These are Mabel's Sticky Labels.

(Like the... um... artful use of MS Paint?)

I inherited a specific genetic tendency from my father. Let's call it the warranty-voider gene. He told us a story not too long ago about a company that approached the fire department with a tool they proclaimed to be indestructible. Dad said that sounded like a challenge. Add to that my klutziness and my toddler's fascination with disassembling, and you usually have a recipe for disaster.

So upon receiving the labels, I read the directions, grabbed Monkey's oddest shaped sippy, and got to work.

After applying the label, I ran it through the dishwasher.

Then I gave it to the toddler tornado and waited.

One bowl of spaghetti...
And a gratuitous run through the dishwasher later...
It didn't budge.

Not one centimeter.

I'm seriously considering a set with MY name on them.


  1. I used to use these from a different company. LOVE THEM! I'm sure these are just as great!

  2. Oh, I need this for my Lizzy:)


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