04 April 2009

How Does Your Garden Grow?

The majority of the Oh2122 household is now firmly lodged under the weather. The lone holdout is Monkey, who's 2 year molars are finally breaking through.


I'm slowly trying to creep back into the swing of things, but I wanted to share the Not-Bob's-Garden progress.

Day 1

Day 3
Day 6

(Insert "Lost Week" here...)

By day 18 they needed to be relocated.

These will be planted along an unattractive fence that abuts our property.

These will find their home on either side of our almost never used front door and in window boxes on the back porch They're already sprouting the next length of stem.
Apparently the water in our town makes EVERYTHING grow taller than expected.


I'm off to drink a few gallons... 5'8" here I come!


  1. Now I'm a little scared of your water! Here's an interesting tidbit about water: After my bone marrow transplants, I wasn't allowed to drink Poland Spring or any "spring" water. But, I could drink Aquafina and Dasani, because they are tap water and full of chemicals to kill the microbes that are in the all-natural Poland Spring. Of course, I could drink my Franklin tap water, too! Ha! So eat and drink all the things that possibly cause cancer, after you have a bone marrow transplant to cure the cancer!

  2. I have always wanted to grow sunflowers. But...we have such a wooded lot...there is really no place that gets full sun. I want to put in a small garden...but there is no where to put it. Ugh.

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